Product list
Toilet Roll Automatic Single Wrapping Machine
Automatic Toilet Roll Paper Bundling Machine
Automatic Toilet Roll Paper Coreless Bundling Machine
Automatic Core/Coreless Toilet Roll Bundling Machine

Main Feature:

The whole machine adopts PLC and 16-axis servo motion control as drive and control unit to realize the full automatic servo drive control operation of product conveying, flattening, counting, bag taking, bagging and sealing.

The whole machine realizes non-core flat single toilet paper core round roll/ non-core round roll toilet paper, universal automatic packing function, and the switching operation is simple and the machine can be used for both purposes.

Molding: Sealing is used vaccum molding design to ensure beautiful package.

Fault self-diagnosis tracking alarm: Can quickly find the cause and location of the fault and automatically displayed on the touch screen to facilitate equipment maintenance.

Monitoring system: whether there are bags, product monitoring prevention of unpackaged bags or no product operation; when the package form is abnormal, it will be automatically discharged ,and when the bag opens abnormally, it will automatically stop running. The bag is automatically discharged when the bag is stuck lead to bag fail opening.

Packing speed can be freely adjusted, maximum work speed 22 picks/minute.

The law paper adopts double lanes feeding, roll toilet paper is automatic flattening, flattening degree can be freely adjusted and beautiful forming, cylinder can be automatically lifted and lowered. Semi-automatic realized flat toilet paper roll and round toilet paper roll feeding switching.

Configure bag opening detection protection, waste bag free stop automatic rejection, gas source management, fault alarm display, servo overload.



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