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High Speed Automatic Facial Tissue Single Wrapping Machine
Hand Towel Paper Wrapper

Main Feature:

TP-T180 high speed fully automatic facial tissue single wrapping machine is suitable for N/M/ fold tissue, V fold hand towel,patter or flat napkin.

Adopts frequency drive control mode for paper arraying and feeding. Film hole puching, film pulling and position locating, film cutting, paper fill into bag,paper center sending etcetera are controlled by servo motors. This machine has the advantages ofcomplete operation function, high use efficiency, easy to operation, wide range of suitable specification, quick size change over, convenient maintenance, low cost for maintenance etcetera.

Standard function : paper arranging and forming,avoid bag block feeding,electronic position inching control,cutter four sides usage,operation speed adjustment, auto production speed adjustment, paper length error detection, material feeding push rod overload protection, high temperature resistance belt protection, cam conveying hook and forming paper, auto alarm for down film blocking, side scald overload protection.

Maximum stable production speed: 100 packs/min